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Touch and Go (1955)

A light-hearted and entertaining Ealing comedy telling the story of the problems that beset an ordinary English family when father (Jack Hawkins) resigns from a good job and decides that, with his wife (Margaret Johnston) and teenage daughter (June Thorburn), he will leave their house in Chelsea and emigrate to Australia.

Unfortunately, daughter Peggy has met the boy of her dreams (John Fraser) and doesn’t want to leave London.

The family cat, Heathcliff, proves to be the catalyst for a lot of events in the film. James Hayter plays Jim Fletcher’s pompous oaf of a boss (who is enough to make anyone want to move to Australia).

Touch and Go featured the film debut of Liz Fraser as “girl on the bridge” – billed under her real name, Elizabeth Winch.

Jim Fletcher
Jack Hawkins
Helen Fletcher
Margaret Johnston
Peggy Fletcher
June Thorburn
John Fraser
Roland Culver
Alice Fairbright
Alison Leggatt
Mrs Pritchett
Margaret Halstan
Mr Pritchett
Henry B. Longhurst
James Hayter
Basil Dignam
Mrs Baxter
Bessie Love

Michael Truman