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Untamed Youth (1957)

Mamie Van Doren and Lori Nelson star as hitchhiking chanteuse sisters, Penny and Janey Lowe, who are arrested for vagrancy and brought before naive old woman Judge Cecilia Steele (Lurene Tuttle).

They are unfairly tried and sentenced to a Californian prison farm owned by the evil Russ Tropp (John Russell), who is secretly married to the judge and feeds the women prisoners dog food while using them as a source of cheap labour for his cotton farm.

However, their scantily clad exploitation is exposed by Tropp/Steele’s hunk son, Bob (Don Burnett), although not before Van Doren has belted out a quartet of woeful ditties that leave room for only one tune from rocker Eddie Cochran.

untamedyouth, 1957

A crisis is reached when an inmate suffers a miscarriage and dies. The expected prisoner revolt takes place and the Steeles, minus Bob (who is just out of the Navy and proves to be a decent sort) are brought to justice.

Penny is given the chance to appear on national TV and Janey and Bob get together.

Future Hollywood power producer Howard W Koch clearly thought he was directing a raunchy piece of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion here, but this prison musical is so frequently unintentionally hilarious that it eventually becomes entertaining by default.

Penny Lowe
Mamie Van Doren
Jane Lowe
Lori Nelson
Russ Tropp
John Russell
Bob Steele
Don Burnett
Eddie Cochran
Jack Landis
Glenn Dixon
Judge Cecilia Steele Tropp
Lurene Tuttle
Yvonne Lime
Jeanne Carmen
Sheriff Mitch Bowers
Robert Foulk
Wayne Taylor
Jerry Barclay
Keith Richards
Valerie Reynolds

Howard W. Koch