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Upstairs and Downstairs (1959)

It must have been very frustrating for the cast of accomplished British comedy performers, let alone for international stars Claudia Cardinale and Mylène Demongeot, to have watched all their efforts here being frittered away by such dull leads as Michael Craig and Anne Heywood.

As newlyweds Richard and Kate Barry who are searching for the perfect servant, they are the weak link in every scene.

But with a touch of tunnel vision you can still enjoy seeing Cardinale as Maria the man-mad maid; Joan Hickson as secret tippler, Rosemary; Joan Sims as Blodwen the timid Welsh nanny; Sid James as put-upon bobby PC Edwards and Demongeot as Ingrid, a Pollyanna-like au pair.

Richard Barry
Michael Craig
Kate Barry
Anne Heywood
Ingrid Gunnar
Mylène Demongeot
James Robertson-Justice
Claudia Cardinale
PC Edwards
Sidney James
Joan Hickson
Joan Sims
Arthur Farringdon
Joseph Tomelty
Mrs Edith Farringdon
Nora Nicholson
Wesley Cotes
Daniel Massey
Austin Willis
Mrs McGuffey
Margalo Gillmore
Reginald Beckwith

Ralph Thomas