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Value for Money (1955)

Young Chayley Broadbent (John Gregson) from Barfield, Yorkshire, inherits a sizeable legacy from his notoriously miserly millionaire industrialist father, John Henry Broadbent, upon his death.

At first, young Chayley seems to be just as tight-fisted as his father, much to the dismay of his long-suffering girlfriend Ethel (Susan Stephen), a journalist at a local newspaper.

But on a trip to London, Chayley visits a nightclub where he meets beautiful young showgirl, Ruthine (Diana Dors) who shows no interest in Chayley until she finds out how much he is worth.

A battle breaks out between her and Ethel for his affections as Ruthine intends to take him for all he’s got. Chayley, meanwhile, is quite happy to be taken.

Chayley Broadbent
John Gregson
Ruthine West
Diana Dors
Susan Stephen
Duke Popplewell
Derek Farr
Mayor Higgins
Frank Pettingell
Charles Victor
Lord Dewsbury
Ernest Thesiger
Mr Hall
Hal Osmond
Jill Adams
Mrs Perkins
Joan Hickson
James Gregson
Donald Pleasence
John Glyn-Jones
Leslie Phillips

Ken Annakin