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Venetian Bird (1952)

Debonair private detective Edward Mercer (Richard Todd) goes to Venice at the request of a millionaire to locate Renzo Uccello (John Gregson) – a brave Italian partisan who saved his life during WWII.

At least, that is what Mercer thinks as he steps off the steamer at the Piazza San Marco. Making his way to a shop, he finds his first contact dead from a knife wound – and the trail leads him to Adriana Medova (Eva Bartok).

Mercer becomes embroiled in political intrigue and faces threat from the local police force, headed by chief Spaloni (George Coulouris) and from a group of foreign patriots led by Count Boria (Walter Rilla) and Lieutenant Longo (John Bailey), who want to use him as a stool-pigeon for a planned assassination and Coup d’Etat.

Released in some markets as The Assassin.

Edward Mercer
Richard Todd
Adriana Medova
Eva Bartok
Renzo Uccello
John Gregson
Chief of Police Spadoni
George Coulouris
Rosa Melitus
Margot Grahame
Count Boria
Walter Rilla
Lt. Longo
John Bailey
Sidney James
Martin Boddey
Michael Balfour
Sydney Tafler
Miles Malleson
Eric Pohlmann
David Hurst
Raymond Young

Ralph Thomas