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Wild Women of Wongo, The (1958)

On a tropical island, a tribe of beautiful women from the village of Wongo discover that a village called Goona on the other side of the island is inhabited by a tribe of handsome men.

They also discover that a tribe of apemen are raiding the island in order to capture mates.

The island is represented by a stretch of Florida coastline, and a few grass huts pass as the set. The King of Wongo is played by Rex Richards who played rugby for Wales against France in 1956.

Next to this film, Plan Nine From Outer Space (1959) looks like Citizen Kane!

King of Wongo
Rex Richards
King of Goona
Burt Williams
Zuni Dyer
Spirit of the Priestess
Olga Suarez
Girls of Wongo
Jean Hawkshaw
Mary Ann Webb
Candé Gerrard
Adrienne Bourbeau
Marie Goodhart
Michelle Lamaack
Joyce Nizzari
Val Phillips
Jo Elaine Wagner
Men of Wongo
Pat Crowley
Ray Rotello
Billy Day
Burt Parker
Robert Serrecchia
Whitey Hart
Goona women
Barbara Lee Babbitt
Elaine Krasner
Lillian Melek
Iris Rautenberg
Roberta Wagner
Goona men
Johnny Walsh
Roy Murray
Ed Fury
Steve Klisanin
Walter Knoch
Ronald Mankowski
Gerry Roslund
Varden Spencer
Kenneth Vitulli

James L. Wolcott