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12 To The Moon (1960)

A lightweight dollop of sci-fi, 12 To The Moon dispatched a dozen passengers of both sexes and several nationalities to the Moon.

The twelve members of the first multi-national expedition to the lunar surface discover subterranean Moon Men, a peace-loving mob who threaten to freeze Earth unless mankind mends their warring ways.


Heading the expedition is earthling Ken Clark, with Tom Conway as a Russian, John Wengraf as the son of a Nazi, Richard Weber as an Israeli scientist whose parents were killed by Nazi Wengraf, Anna-Lisa (a Swedish research chemist) and the director of the whole project (and the object of Anna-Lisa’s affections), Francis X. Bushman. Philip Baird went along for the ride.

Written by DeWitt Bodeen, writer of the classic Cat People (1982), and directed by David Bradley, this tedious minor quickie focuses on the astronauts’ personal problems, petty squabbling and juvenile moralising more than any special effects-driven drama.


Capt John Anderson
Ken Clark
Dr Hideko Murata
Michi Kobi
12totmoon01Dr Feodor Orloff
Tom Conway
Dr Luis Vargas
Anthony Dexter
Dr Erich Heinrich
John Wengraf
Dr Sigrid Bromark
Dr David Ruskin
Richard Weber
Dr Selim Hamid

Tema Bey
Dr William Rochester
Philip Baird
Dr Etienne Martel
Roger Til
Dr Asmara Markonen
Cory Devlin
Secretary-General of the International Space Order
Francis X. Bushman
Roddy Murdock
Robert Montgomery Jr

David Bradley