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13 West Street (1962)

Mild-mannered aeronautical engineer Walt Sherill (Alan Ladd) is brutally attacked and injured by a gang of well-dressed teenage thugs but is unable to supply sufficient information to enable the patient Sergeant Koleski (Rod Steiger) to track them down.

Obsessed with the idea of revenge, Sherill decides to hunt for the gang himself.

At first, his efforts are amateur and clumsy but then he starts to think – and takes lessons with a revolver. Meanwhile, his wife, Tracey (Dolores Dorn) sees her marriage eaten away by her husband’s corrosive bitterness.

There are several deaths before Sherill catches up with the psychotic youngster who sparked the attack. Chuck Landry (Michael Callan) is the crazed youth who leads other attacks against the beaten man and his family.

This was the penultimate film (and last leading role) for Alan Ladd before his death in 1964, aged 50.

Walt Sherill
Alan Ladd
Detective Sergeant Pete Koleski
Rod Steiger
Tracey Sherill
Dolores Dorn
Chuck Landry
Michael Callan
Paul Logan
Kenneth MacKenna
Mrs Madeleine Landry
Margaret Hayes
Stanley Adams
Everett Bush
Chris Robinson
Mrs Quinn
Jeanne Cooper
Bill Quinn
Arnold Merritt
Mark Slade
Joe Bradford
Henry Beckman
Clegg Hoyt
Adam Roarke (as Jordan Gerler)
Robert Cleaves
Bernie Hamilton
Pepe Hern
Mr Johnson
Frank Gerstle
Ted Knight

Philip Leacock