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30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1968)

The much-loved Dudley Moore starred as shy nightclub pianist and composer Rupert Street, who is determined to write a hit musical masterpiece and marry the ideal wife – all within a six-week deadline (the date of his fast-looming 30th birthday).

30dangerousage2Dud (who also wrote and performed the film’s jazzy score) falls in love with his lovely new neighbour, teacher Louise Hammond, played by supreme 60’s dolly bird Suzy Kendall – who subsequently became Dudley’s first real-life wife.

In search of inspiration for his musical, Rupert and his faithful friend Oscar (Eddie Foy Jr) travel to Ireland where from the lips of a dying man they hear the incredible tale of ‘The Golden Legend Of Erin’, which begins with the words “long, long ago, when there were still snakes in Ireland . . .”30dangerousage4

Rupert uses the story as the basis for his show, but on returning to London finds Louise has grown tired of waiting for him and moved out of Mrs Woolley’s boarding house.

Desperate to find and marry her before his 30th birthday, Rupert hires private eye Herbert Greenslade (John Bird) to find her.

30dangerousage3Rupert Street
Dudley Moore
Eddie Foy Jr
Louise Hammond
Suzy Kendall
Herbert Greenslade
John Bird
Jock McCue
Duncan Macrae
Mrs Woolley
Patricia Routledge
Peter Bayliss
Hon. Gavin Hopton
John Wells
Mr Woolley
Harry Towb
Captain Gore-Taylor
Jonathan Routh
Horst Cohen Jr
Ted Dicks
Nicky Henson
Clive Dunn
Frank Thornton

Joseph McGrath