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633 Squadron (1964)

Lieutenant Erik Bergman (George Chakiris), a Norwegian Resistance fighter, tells British Air Intelligence that the Germans are about to launch an all-out rocket blitz against England. The rocket fuel is being processed at a factory hidden in a rock-walled fjord.

Wing Commander Roy Grant (Cliff Robertson) has seventeen days to train Mosquito Squadron 633, while Erik organises an underground attempt to knock out the anti-aircraft gun emplacements guarding the plant.

Erik dare not even tell his attractive sister Hilde (Maria Perschy) why he is in England or where he is going – not that she’s all that interested . . . she’s actually more interested in Roy Grant (and he in her).

Erik is parachuted back into Norway but because of a security leak, the underground raid fails and Erik falls prisoner. British Intelligence knows that the Nazis will torture him into talking and so it is decided that the prison in which he is being held must be destroyed before he talks, and the task falls to (you guessed it) Roy.

633 Squadron’s attack is moved ahead accordingly, and the rocket fuel plant is destroyed. Unfortunately, Roy’s plane falls and he is badly wounded.

Actually, most of 633 Squadron are knocked out of the war, but the mission has succeeded and there will be no fuel for the rockets so that’s the main thing.

Wing Cmdr. Roy Grant
Cliff Robertson
Lt. Erik Bergman
George Chakiris
Hilde Bergman
Maria Perschy
Air Vice Marshal Davis
Harry Andrews
Group Capt. Don Barrett
Donald Houston
Squadron Leader Frank Adams
Michael Goodliffe
Flight Lt. Gillibrand
John Meillon
Flight Lt. Scott
John Bonney
Flying Officer Hoppy Hopkinson
Angus Lennie
Flying Officer Bissell
Scot Finch
Flying Officer Evans
John Church
Rosie (Barmaid at Black Swan)
Barbara Archer
Lt. Nigel
Sean Kelly
Lt. Singh
Julian Sherrier
Flight Lt. Frank
Geoffrey Frederick

Walter E. Graum