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Stitch In Time, A (1963)

Norman Pitkin (Norman Wisdom) and Mr Grimsdale (Edward Chapman) are partners in a butcher’s shop, which is held up by an armed robber (Johnny Briggs). Mr Grimsdale hides his gold watch in his mouth but swallows it and is taken to the hospital.

While waiting at the hospital, Norman cheers up Lindy Walker (Lucy Appleby), a sad orphan girl who has lost both her parents in a plane crash. He promises to see her again, but complications ensue when he falls foul of the hospital’s director, Sir Hector ( Jerry Desmonde) and is kicked off the premises.

He tries to get back in to see Lindy and declare his love for a pretty nurse, with hilarious consequences.


This was Norman Wisdom’s final film in black and white and also his last big starring success at the box office, for he belonged to a more innocent age.

The script sticks closely to the winning Wisdom formula as he knots his cap in confused shyness.

Stalwart stooges Edward Chapman and Jerry Desmonde prove once more that straight men can often be much funnier than the comics. Glyn Houston plays a St John Ambulance man who barely speaks a word, but does get a twitch in, Inspector Dreyfuss style, whenever Pitkin appears.

Norman Pitkin
Norman Wisdom
Mr Grimsdale
Edward Chapman
Janet Haskell
Jeannette Sterke
Sir Hector Hardcastle
Jerry Desmonde
Lady Brinkley
Jill Melford
Corporal Welsh
Glyn Houston
Hazel Hughes
Patsy Rowlands
Captain Russell
Peter Jones
Professor Cranshaw
Ernest Clark
Lindy Walker
Lucy Appleby
Vera Day
Nuttall, St. John Ambulance
Frank Williams
Nurse Rudkin
Penny Morrell
Dr. Meadows
Patrick Cargill
Francis Matthews
John Blythe
Danny Green
Johnny Briggs

Robert Asher