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Adventures of Lucky Pierre, The (1961)

Pierre (Chicago burlesque comic Billy Falbo) finds himself in situations where he ends up seeing naked women everywhere (in a series of short, silent skits) in this, the first full-colour “nudie” film.

His shrink is naked; then an artist paints three naked models in the woods. A woman bathes while plumbers (Falbo and William Kerwin) try to work, a “bird-watcher” looks at naked sunbathers, and women pose in a photo studio.

The best and longest part takes place at a drive-in showing I Was a Teenage Nudist.

In a (partially black & white) short – Picnic at the Playground – happy naked women in high heels climb on the jungle gym, go down the slide, swing on the swings, and spin on a merry-go-round. The all-female drive-in staff is naked too in this surreal, sexy segment.

The colour is excellent and the sound is by producer David Friedman.

Billy Falbo
Lawrence Wood
Man who hires plumber
William Kerwin
Pierre’s Playmates
Kay Montie
Linda Cotton
Pat O’Farrell
Dorothy Holbrook
Toni Carroll
Ginger Hale
Gail Jordan

Herschell Gordon Lewis (as Lewis H. Gordon)