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Alley Tramp, The (1968)

Sixteen-year-old Marie (Julia Ames, billed here as Anette Courset) stumbles upon her parents Lily (Jean Lamee) and Fred (Jacque Sette) having sex, which awakens her latent sexuality and sees her develop a serious case of nymphomania.

She begins a torrid affair with her third cousin Philip (Steve White, billed as Lamone Baimu) while her parents pursue their own illicit affairs. Soon, the pair are cutting class and shacking up in a cheap motel.

Marie delves deeper into her own sexual experimentation, having sex with her mother’s lover – a greasy bar pick-up named Herbie (Roy Collodi) – and, while in hospital for an abortion, she tries to rape an intern and ends up in an insane asylum.

The “French” credits of this black & white exploitation movie from Chicago were all fake. Writer Allison Louise Down – the first lady of exploitation screenwriters – also wrote Blood Feast and many others directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Marie Barker
Julia Ames (as Anette Courset)
Lily (Marie’s mother)
Jean Lamee
Fred (Marie’s father)
Jacque Sette
Marie’s friend
Marie Delmonde
Steve White (as Lamone Baimu)
Darlene (Fred’s secretary)
Ann Heath (as Annette Souvet)
Lisa Bourdon
Lawrence J. Aberwood
Herbie (Lily’s lover)
Roy Collodi
Gene Stallion, radio reporter (voice) 
Herschell Gordon Lewis

Herschell Gordon Lewis