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Amazing Transparent Man, The (1960)

A former Army officer forces a scientist to develop an invisibility potion in order to create an army of invisible zombies but makes the mistake of allowing it to be tested on an ex-convict.

Dr Ulof (Ivan Triesault) creates the serum but when he experiments on bank robber Joey Faust (Douglas Kennedy), he unleashes a one-man crime spree.

Little of the style B-movie maverick director Edgar G Ulmer brought to his cult classic Detour is in evidence in this impoverished quickie, which was filmed back-to-back with Beyond the Time Barrier.

Cinemas screening the movie on its original release displayed teaser advertisements warning that; “Joey Faust, escaped convict, The Amazing Transparent Man, has vowed to “appear” invisibly IN PERSON at every performance of this picture in this theatre. Police officers are expected to be present in force, but the management will not be responsible for any unusual or mysterious happenings while Faust is in the theatre”.


Marguerite Chapman
Joey Faust
Douglas Kennedy
James Griffith
Dr Ulof
Ivan Triesault
Boyd “Red” Morgan
Carmel Daniel
Edward Erwin
Jonathan Ledford

Edgar G Ulmer