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Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, The (1965)

mollflanders2This ambitious attempt to make a female version of Tom Jones (1963) doesn’t quite make it.

Kim Novak, who fits awkwardly in the title role, plays a servant girl in 18th-century England who cavorts with rich men and uses her charms to break into high society.

There are some bawdy bedroom romps but nothing too exciting. Costumes and period settings are nice.

The film is based on Daniel Defoe’s novel.

Moll Flanders
Kim Novak
Richard Johnson
Lady Blystone
Angela Lansbury
The Banker
George Sanders
Lilli Palmer
Leo McKern
The Count
Vittorio De Sica
Peter Butterworth
Orphanage Superintendent
Dandy Nichols
Noel Howlett
The Mayor
Cecil Parker
The Mayor’s Wife
Barbara Couper
Elder Brother
Daniel Massey
Younger Brother
Derren Nesbitt
Elder sister
Ingrid Hafner
Younger Sister
June Watts
Miss Glowber
Judith Furse

Terence Young