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Amorous Prawn, The (1962)

Joan Greenwood plays the general’s wife who converts her husband’s Scottish military headquarters into a hotel in his absence to fleece visiting Americans and raise some cash.

Director Anthony Kimmins also wrote the play on which this is based and didn’t really open it out much for the cinema. As a result, the talents of the hugely popular Ian Carmichael – the Hugh Grant of his day – are given little room.


However, there’s enthusiastic support from blowsy blonde Sandra Dorne and Ronald Brittain, the sergeant major who made a media career out of his military bearing and voice and watch out for visiting Americans Robert Beatty and Bob Nichols.

Cpl. Sidney Green
Ian Carmichael
Lady Dodo Fitzadam

Joan Greenwood
Gen. Sir Hamish Fitzadam

Cecil Parker
Mr Vernon, Amorous Prawn

Dennis Price
Larry Hoffman

Robert Beatty
Suzie Tidmarsh

Liz Fraser

Finlay Currie
Albert Huggins

Harry Locke
Willie Maltravers

Derek Nimmo
Uncle Joe
Reg Lye
Biddy O’Hara
Bridget Armstrong

Michael Ripper
Busty Babs
Sandra Dorne
R.S.M. Ronald Brittain

Anthony Kimmins