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Assault On A Queen (1966)

Some gangsters get their hands on an old WWII German submarine and set out to pirate a luxury liner – the RMS Queen Mary – in this rather unlikely crime caper that fails at many levels.

The preparations for the crime make up most of the story while Mark Brittain (Frank Sinatra) and Rosa Lucchesi (Virna Lisi) take some time out for some lovemaking while Vic Rossiter (Anthony Franciosa burns with jealousy.

Zero-hour arrives and the raid begins with Sinatra spitting out orders to the liner’s officers and the other pirates clambering aboard to seize a fortune. But just over the horizon is a Coast Guard cutter.

The acting is stilted, the special effects are unconvincing, and Rod Serling’s screenplay falters.

Also with Tony Franciosa, Richard Conte, and Alf Kjellin.


Mark Brittain
Frank Sinatra
Rosa Lucchesi
Virna Lisi
Vic Rossiter
Anthony Franciosa
Tony Moreno
Richard Conte
Eric Lauffnauer
Alf Kjellin
Linc Langley
Errol John
Murray Matheson
Reginald Denny
Bank Manager
John Warburton
Lester Matthews
Val Avery

Jack Donohue