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Astro Zombies (1968)

A mad scientist sets out to gather the human parts necessary to create a race of mindless killers.

The (so-called) plot has something to do with resurrecting corpses through use of a brainwave machine of some sort.

The Astro Zombie is a man in a rubber mask. The leads try to keep a straight face while spouting ridiculous dialogue. The women scream a lot especially when the Astro Zombie tries to rip their clothes off.

John Carradine bumbles around in his laboratory endlessly. Russ Meyer starlet Tura Satana wears exotic outfits, makeup and eyelashes which gives the movie some camp appeal.

The opening and closing credits are shot over film of toy robots and tanks.

If you thought Ed Wood made bad films wait until you see this. Co-written by Wayne Rogers (Trapper John from the M*A*S*H TV series) and followed – unbelievably – by a sequel in 2002.

Wendell Corey
Doctor DeMarco
John Carradine
Eric Porter
Tom Pace
Tura Satana
Rafael Campos
Janine Norwalk
Joan Patrick
Mike Webber
Wally Moon
Vincent Barbi
Chuck Edwards
Joseph Hoover
Doctor Petrovich
Victor Izay
William Bagdad
Lynnette Lantz
Janis Saul
John Hopkins
Astro Zombie
Rod Wilmoth

Ted V. Mikels