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Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965)

This black & white made-in-Manhattan film tells of the downfall of newlywed Boston housewife Meg Kelton (Gigi Darlene).

After a happy shower with her businessman husband, Ted (Alan Feinstein), he leaves for work and she cleans the apartment and takes the trash out – where she is viciously raped by the janitor (Harold Key). She then kills the janitor in self-defence and, in a state of panic, her voice-overs ask ”What have I done? Where can I go? I’ll go to New York!”

She arrives by bus at the Port Authority terminal (where we see closeups of lots of feet pounding the pavement) and heads for Central Park (where very loud bird-tweets are dubbed in).

Now known as Ellen Green from Chicago, she goes home with a friendly guy called Ed Bains (Sam Stewart) who gets mad, chugs a bottle of booze, and beats her with a belt.

She escapes and moves in with Della (Dawn Bennett), who is a lesbian.

Ellen claims she’s an acrobatic dancer and proves it by standing on her head in her underwear.

Both women lounge around in bikini underwear while the camera pans to the left of the room, then to the right, then back again.

After some (offscreen) lovemaking, she leaves and rents a room from a married woman (Marlene Starr) for $20 a week. The landlady’s husband (Charles E. Mazin) attacks her, so she takes a job as a companion to an older woman, Mrs Thorne (Gertrude Cross) whose son turns out to be a detective on the Boston murder case.

Meg is caught, but she wakes up screaming. It was all a dream!

Then (oh no!) the whole story starts all over again . . .

Meg Kelton/Ellen Green
Gigi Darlene
Ed Bains
Sam Stewart
Mrs Thorne
Gertrude Cross (as Sandee Norman)
Ted Kelton
Alan Feinstein (as Alan Yorke)
Barnard L. Sackett
Darlene Bennett
Marlene Starr
Landlady’s Husband 
Charles E. Mazin (as George La Roque)
Dawn Bennett
Harold Key

Doris Wishman