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Ballad of Josie, The (1967)

Widow Josie Minick (Doris Day) takes up sheep farming in order to support herself and her son. Her new neighbours are dismayed by her activities.

Bland is too strong a word for this tepid flick, which never really catches fire despite being directed by western ace Andrew V McLaglen.

Doris Day is good, even though by this stage in her career she was becoming hard to cast, but the men are desperately uninteresting – only Andy Devine brings a sense of authenticity to this western where the jeans look newly ironed and the faces are too well scrubbed.

This was the first Day movie to play as a co-feature, and the writing was on the wall – she made only two more films and then, sadly, retired from the big screen.

Josie Minick
Doris Day
Jason Meredith
Peter Graves
Arch Ogden
George Kennedy
Judge Tatum
Andy Devine
Charlie Lord
William Talman
Fonse Pruitt
David Hartman
Guy Raymond
Annabelle Pettijohn
Audrey Christie
Deborah Wilkes
Karen Jensen
Widow Renfrew
Elisabeth Fraser

Andrew V McLaglen