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Bandolero (1968)

Having fought on opposing sides during the American Civil War, brothers Mace (James Stewart) and Dee (Dean Martin) Bishop join forces as part of an outlaw gang that is forced to flee across the border from Sheriff Johnson (George Kennedy) with beautiful Maria (Raquel Welch) in tow.

bandolero7This would-be rollicking adventure – one of a slew of colourful, handsomely mounted westerns made by 20th Century-Fox during the 1960s – suffers from chronic miscasting.

All-time good guys Stewart and Martin play outlaws who hold a peculiarly accented Raquel Welch hostage after she loses her husband in a botched bank raid.

The actual good guy, surprisingly, is George Kennedy, but he’s no match for these particular baddies.

The uneven mixture of contemporary violence and traditional western values is uncomfortably directed by Andrew V McLaglen, whose father, Victor, appeared in many of the best of the westerns directed by the great John Ford.

Mace Bishop
James Stewart
Dee Bishop
Dean Martin
Raquel Welch
Sheriff Johnson
George Kennedy
Roscoe Bookbinder
Andrew Prine
Pop Chaney
Will Geer
Clint Ritchie
Muncie Carter
Denver Pyle
Joe Chaney
Tom Heaton
Angel Muñoz
Rudy Diaz
Sean McClory
Cort Hayjack
Harry Carey Jr
Jack Hawkins
Donald Barry

Andrew V McLaglen