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Beach Ball (1965)

“Those surf ridin’, skin divin’, sky jumpin’, drag racin’, beach bashin’ boys and their bikini beauties . . . in a blast of a beach brawl!”

Dick Martin (Edd Byrnes), manager of the college rock and roll group, The Wigglers (Bango, Jack and Bob), is notified by music store owner Mr Wolf (James Wellman) that the group owes him $1,000 for their instruments.

beachball2 beach-ball5

To obtain the money, Dick tells Susan (Chris Noel), the beautiful but bookish credit union manager of the college they attend, that he needs a sum to continue his research in African tribal rhythms. In fact, he and The Wigglers have dropped out of school and are enjoying life among the surfers and hot rodders at Malibu.

Susan and college finance committee members Deborah (Gail Gilmore), Augusta (Mikki Jameson) and Samantha (Brenda Benet) uncover the scam and tear up the cheque, but The Wigglers play a Long Beach (California) custom-car show in drag and win first prize.

beachball8 beachball3

Meanwhile, Susan and her girlfriends decide to make it their mission to bring The Wigglers back to the halls of academia, so shed their conservative look and pose as free-spirited beach chicks. Of course, The Wigglers instantly fall for them.

But forget the story and enjoy the great soundtrack from The Supremes (Come to the Beach Ball with Me and Surfer Boy), The Four Seasons (Dawn), The Righteous Brothers (Baby What You Want Me to Do?), The Walker Brothers (Doin’ the Jerk), The Hondells (My Buddy Seat) and the Nashville Teens.

Gary Kurtz of Star Wars fame was the assistant director

“Nothing bounces like Beach Ball”.

beachball1Dick Martin
Edd Byrnes
Chris Noel
Robert Logan
Aron Kincaid
Don Edmonds
Gail Gilmore
Mikki Jamison
Brenda Benet
Mr Bernard Wolf
James Wellman
Anna Lavele
Mr Wilk
Jack Bernardi
Bill Sampson
Little Daddy
Lee Krieger
The Supremes
The Four Seasons
The Righteous Brothers
The Hondells
The Walker Brothers
The Nashville Teens

Lennie Weinrib