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Big Cube, The (1969)

A former actress clashes with her wealthy and spoiled stepdaughter over their inheritance after the death of their protector.

A sad coda to the great Lana Turner’s career, three years after her last glamorous Ross Hunter/Universal production, Madame X.


Co-stars George Chakiris, Richard Egan and Dan O’Herlihy – all well past their prime – lend this demented melodrama a camp attraction. But its sheer ineptitude combined with Turner’s ravaged looks and (to be kind) uncertain performance make it hard to watch, let alone take seriously.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy this apology for a film is to imbibe almost as much alcohol while viewing as the cast appeared to have done before performing.

Adriana Roman
Lana Turner
Johnny Allen
George Chakiris
Frederick Lansdale
Richard Egan
Charles Winthrop
Daniel O’Herlihy
Lisa Winthrop
Karin Mossberg
Pamela Rodgers
Carlos East
Dr Lorenz
Augusto Benedico
Víctor Junco
Norma Herrera
Queen Bee
Regina Torné

Tito Davison