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Big Job, The (1965)

Carry on Crook comedies! The Big Job was brought to the screen by producer Peter Rogers and director Gerald Thomas, the two architects of the highly successful Carry On series of films.

George Brain (Sidney James) and his gang – Booky Binns (Dick Emery), and Dipper Day (Lance Percival) –  are sent to jail for 15 years after a bungled £50,000 robbery.

George’s girlfriend Myrtle (Sylvia Syms) ought to have been inside herself although she managed to escape when the balloon went up during the gang’s abortive bank raid.

As they serve their time, the boys have one consolation – they managed to hide the £50,000 they stole in a hollow tree and all they have to do is wait for their release, pick up the loot, share it and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately in the years while they were in prison the field where they had hidden the money has been built on – and the hollow tree is now the backyard of the new police station.

The group take a room in a boarding house overlooking the cop shop and plan their assault on the hollow tree from there.

The landlady is Mrs Gamely (Joan Sims) who soon takes a fancy to Booky, much to his dismay. She also introduces her other boarder, Harold (Jim Dale) – who is a policeman.

The gang don’t let the grass grow under their feet in their efforts to regain their treasure, but time and time again they are thwarted.

It’s when the famous hollow tree is condemned as unsafe and workmen arrive to cut it down that the gang really gets going, and what happens then is the ultimate in sheer explosive farce.

George Brain
Sidney James
Myrtle Robbins

Sylvia Sims
Booky Binns

Dick Emery
Mrs Gamely

Joan Sims
Dipper Day

Lance Percival

Jim Dale
Sally Gamely

Edina Ronay
Police Sergeant

Deryck Guyler
Henry Blobbitt

Brian Rawlinson
Register Office Official

Reginald Beckwith

David Horne
Dot Franklin

Wanda Ventham

Peter Jesson

Michael Ward

Gerald Thomas