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Biggest Bundle of Them All, The (1968)

Small-time crook Robert Wagner kidnaps deported Chicago mobster Vittorio De Sica in Naples. When no one offers to pay the ransom, the proud Mafioso takes over the none-too-bright gang and proposes a daring train robbery.

Enlisting the aid of wily criminal mastermind Edward G Robinson, these unlikely conspirators risk life and limb in a mad scramble to gain the ultimate prize – $5 million in platinum ingots.

The resulting caper is a little too frantic for its own good; since it all ends in a big chase, the film resembles a gangster version of director Ken Annakin’s earlier hit, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965).


However, Robinson is on excellent form as the mastermind who plans the heist, while Raquel Welch (pictured above) has a lot of fizz as Wagner’s moll.

And the locations in Italy and France are gorgeous.

Cesare Celli
Vittorio De Sica
Raquel Welch
Robert Wagner
Godfrey Cambridge
Professor Samuels
Edward G Robinson
Davy Kaye
Francesco Mule
Captain Giglio
Victor Spinetti
Yvonne Sanson
Joe Ware
Mickey Knox

Ken Annakin