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Bitter Harvest (1963)

Having broken into Disney films in the late 1950s, Janet Munro suffered from typecasting for much of her tragically brief career (she died at just 38).

bitterharvest_1963Consequently, she was too rarely offered gutsier assignments like this adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s novel Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky.

As the Welsh innocent who is abused by various London ne’er-do-wells, she exhibits not only a touching vulnerability but also a credible inner reserve, which sustains her after she herself exploits kindly barman John Stride.

Scripted by Ted Willis, this lacks the bite of contemporary examples of social realism, but it’s solidly made.

Not to be confused with the 1993 erotic thriller of the same name featuring Patsy Kensit.

Jeannie Jones
Janet Munro
Bob Williams
John Stride
Anne Cunningham
Karl Denny
Alan Badel
Mrs Pitt
Vanda Godsell
Mr Pitt
Norman Bird
Terence Alexander
Richard Thorp

Peter Graham Scott