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Blast-Off Girls (1967)

Sleazy promoter Boojie Baker (Dan Conway) manipulates all those around him, including his rock band, The Big Blast, who have a hit with a song called Noise. When the band becomes disenchanted, Boojie sets them up for a drug bust.

Vocals and instrumentals are uniformly off-key and undistinguished, the band members have no distinct “look,” and the record execs & promoters don’t care, because “all bands sound the same anyway.”


This Herschell Gordon Lewis movie is better than could usually be expected from “the Godfather of Gore” (so-called because of Lewis’ string of below-average gore movies in the early ’60s). The Faded Blue (a real-life Chicago garage band) star as The Big Blast.

‘Colonel’ Harland Sanders (founder of the KFC empire) has a cameo role in the film, offering free fried chicken to the group in exchange for a performance outside his restaurant.

Sanders actually appeared in several B-movies during the ’60s in exchange for free fried chicken for the film crew.


Boojie Baker
Dan Conway
Ray Sager
Tom, The Big Blast
Tom Tyrell
Ron, The Big Blast
Ron Liace
Dennis, The Big Blast
Dennis Hickey
Ralph, The Big Blast
Ralph Mullin
Chris, The Big Blast
Chris Wolski
Marty Dunn
Lawrence J. Aberwood
Colonel Sanders
Harland Sanders
Sherri Lane
Sharon Camille
Ann Heath
Julia Ames
Sally Tenerelli
Sarasue Gleiss
Barbara Harrison
Lieutenant Kronsky
Neil Julien
Michael Blake 
Don Logay
Mr Roswell
Jack Horner

Herschell Gordon Lewis