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Blood of Fu Manchu, The (1968)

Fu Manchu (Christopher Lee) is hidden with his evil daughter Lin Tang (Tsai Chin) in a lost city in the jungles of South America.

He discovers a deadly poison which can kill men through kissing and abducts ten women to infect them with the poison to destroy his enemies. Then he sends a woman to London to kiss his greatest enemy, the Scotland Yard agent Nayland Smith (former Robin Hood Richard Greene).

Blinded by the poison, Smith travels with his friend Dr Petrie (Howard Marion-Crawford) to South American jungle to seek out Fu Manchu and find an antidote. Teaming up with agent Carl Jansen (Götz George), they discover the scheme of Fu Manchu for world domination.

This fourth film in the Fu Manchu franchise was made on a shoestring budget – and it shows. It’s a horrible little film.

Robert Rietty and David Keyser dubbed many of the foreign actors, and despite receiving a billing, Shirley Eaton didn’t even appear in the film – the production simply took an outtake from her performance in The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967) and inserted it into the film.

Released in some markets as Kiss and KillAgainst All Odds, Fu Manchu’s Kiss of Death and Kiss of Death.

Fu Manchu
Christopher Lee
Nayland Smith
Richard Greene
Dr Petrie
Howard Marion-Crawford
Carl Jansen
Götz George
Ursula Wagner
Maria Rohm
Sancho Lopez
Ricardo Palacios
Loni von Friedl
Frances Khan
Lin Tang
Tsai Chin
Isaura de Oliveira
Black Widow
Shirley Eaton

Jesús Franco (Jess Franco)