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Boeing, Boeing (1965)

Playboy American journalist Bernard Lawrence (Tony Curtis) thinks his plan to keep three blonde stewardess fiancees – Jacqueline (Dany Saval), Vicky (Suzanna Leigh) and Lise (Christiane Schmidtmer) – and meet up with them at his apartment in Paris is foolproof as their flight schedules mean they never meet.

Until the day their schedules change and they all arrive on the same day.

Things are complicated even further when his friend Robert Reed (Jerry Lewis) arrives on the scene and blackmails his way into a temporary room in the apartment.

Thelma Ritter is the long-suffering put-upon housekeeper Bertha, and the trio of airline cuties are equally well cast.

Marc Camoletti’s hit play achieved astoundingly long theatrical runs throughout the world, so a screen version of this latter-day Feydeauesque farce was an inevitability. The pin-sharp photography is by the great Lucien Ballard and the period Paramount gloss helps.

Bernard Lawrence
Tony Curtis
Robert Reed
Jerry Lewis
Jacqueline Grieux
Dany Saval
Lise Bruner
Christiane Schmidtmer
Vicky Hawkins
Suzanna Leigh
Thelma Ritter
Lomax Study

John Rich