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Boston Strangler, The (1968)

This is a suspenseful and – faint-hearted viewers take note – often disturbing re-creation of the crimes, capture and psychoanalysis of Albert DeSalvo (played here by Tony Curtis), who confessed to being the notorious Boston Strangler, the killer of 13 women in the early 1960s.

Though doubt has since been cast on DeSalvo’s confession (he was never charged with the crimes due to lack of evidence, but was jailed for unrelated sex offences), this film is an authentic-feeling account.

Director Richard Fleischer deftly captures the pensive atmosphere of a frightened city with a stark, documentary-style approach that makes good use of split-screen sequences.

As an all-star line-up of lawmen tightens the net around the elusive maniac, Curtis proves beyond doubt he could act with a nuanced performance of considerable depth and power.

Albert DeSalvo
Tony Curtis
John S Bottomly
Henry Fonda
bostonstranglerfilm2Phil Di Natale
George Kennedy
Julian Soshnick
Mike Kellin
Terence Huntley
Hurd Hatfield
Frank McAfee
Murray Hamilton
John Asgeirsson
Jeff Corey
Dianne Cluny
Sally Kellerman
Edward W Brooke
William Marshall
Peter Hurkos
George Voskovec
Mary Bottomly
Leora Dana
Irmgard DeSalvo
Carolyn Conwell
Eugene T O’Rourke
William Hickey

Richard Fleischer