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Boys, The (1962)

Four working-class British teenage lads – Stan Coulter (Dudley Sutton), Barney Lee (Jess Conrad), Ginger Thompson (Tony Garnett) and Billy Herne (Roland Lacey) – are accused of robbing a garage and killing its elderly night watchman.

During their murder trial, a number of witnesses – and the four accused – relate their contradictory versions of events of the fateful night leading up to the fatal stabbing and the story unfolds through a series of flashbacks.

The witnesses include Roy Kinnear as a bus conductor who sees the boys knock an elderly lady over at the bus stop before they get on, Wilfrid Brambell as a toilet attendant who has an altercation with the lads and tries to throw them out, Colin Gordon as a cinema patron who has a trick played on him by Billy after which they have an argument, Carol White as a girl they pick up in a pub and finally Mavis Villiers as a pub landlady who appears to overhear the four having a recce at the petrol station and planning the robbery.

Robert Morley gives a commanding and charismatic performance as Montgomery, the defence counsel for the boys.

Stan Coulter
Dudley Sutton
Billy Herne
Ronald Lacey
Ginger Thompson
Tony Garnett
Barney Lee
Jess Conrad
Robert Morley
Victor Webster
Richard Todd
Felix Aylmer
Robert Brewer
Wilfrid Brambell
Gordon Lonsdale
Colin Gordon
George Tanner
Kenneth J. Warren
Randolph St. John
Allan Cuthbertson
Mr Coulter
Wensley Pithey
Mark Salmon
Roy Kinnear
Mr Lee
Patrick Magee
Mr Herne
David Lodge
Celia Barker
Mavis Villiers
Mrs Herne
Betty Marsden
Laurence Hardy
Samuel Wallace
Charles Morgan
Evelyn May
Carol White
Patrick Newell
Mrs Lee
Rita Webb
Tom Chatto
Harold Scott
Mr Champneys
George Moon
Mrs Thompson
Hilda Fenemore
Inspector Larner
Lloyd Lamble

Sidney J Furie