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Camille 2000 (1969)

Amazingly groovy Euro-trash classic from erotic maestro Radley Metzger. Daniele Gaubert stars as Marguerite, a tragically beautiful aristocrat who can’t seem to have fun no matter how much sex she has (don’t you hate it when that happens?).

She falls for the young and promising stockbroker Armand (Nino Castelnuovo) but sacrifices her love for him for the sake of his future and reputation, taking up with the sadistic Count De Varville (Philippe Forquet).

Most of the sex takes place in Marguerite’s stunning white boudoir – ceiling mirrors, chiffon drapes and invisible plastic chairs.

camille2000_002  camille2000_003

Marguerite’s dress designer friend Prudence (Eleonora Rossi Drago) introduces Armand to exhibitionistic Olympe (Silvana Venturelli) who throws an extravagant S&M party called ‘Olympe’s Jail’. When Marguerite and De Varville make their entrance, it becomes a battle of will between Armand and Marguerite with Armand flaunting his interest in Olympe.

At the film’s end, our heroine is confined to an oxygen tent after her last fatal OD. Visually, the setting is more or less identical.

Featuring a terrific Euro-lounge score by Piero Piccioni, and probably the best psychedelic S&M orgy scene, ever (including aluminium Paco Rabanne dresses and copulation in a giant gold cage!).

The real star of this film is set and costume designer Enrico Sabbatini, whose work makes Austin Powers look like an exercise in restraint.

Marguerite Gautier
Danièle Gaubert
Armand Duval
Nino Castelnuovo
Eleonora Rossi Drago
Roberto Bisacco
Armand’s father
Massimo Serato
Silvana Venturelli
Zachary Adams
Dominique Badou
Marguerite’s Friend
Peter Chatel
Marguerite’s Friend
Virginia Rodin
Enzo Fiermonte
Village Girl
Graziella Galvani
Count De Varville
Philippe Forquet

Radley Metzger