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You Can’t See ’round Corners (1969)

The story of a man who has a chip on his shoulder and is against the world at large.

Frankie McCoy (Ken Shorter) is young, stylish and tough, an illegal ‘SP’ bookmaker in the working-class inner-Sydney suburb of Newtown.

Conscripted to fight in Vietnam, he enters basic training at Kapooka camp, but neither the food nor the discipline agrees with him. He goes AWOL and returns to his old haunts, but his girlfriend Margie (Rowena Wallace) rejects him.

Frustrated and in debt to some local criminals, he drifts into the arms of Myra (Carmen Duncan), a more sexually liberated ‘modern’ girl, with disastrous results when he accidentally kills her in an argument.

Frankie goes on the run, and returns to Margie but ends being attacked by a gang of thugs, is blinded by blood, runs into a car and is killed.

It’s a downward slide all the way in this Australian movie based on a novel by Jon Cleary


Frankie McCoy
Ken Shorter
Margie Harris
Rowena Wallace
Myra Neilson
Carmen Duncan
Peg Clancy
Judith Fisher
Mrs McCoy
Lyndall Barbour
Mick Patterson
Slim DeGrey
Max Cullen
Kevin Leslie
Goff Vockler
Lou Vernon
Jack Kelly
John Armstrong
Sergeant Quinn
Peter Aanensen
Keith Grayson
Max Phipps
Lennie Ryan
Vincent Gil
Henri Szeps

David Cahill