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Caretaker, The (1963)

The Caretaker as a play changed the face of modern theatre and made Harold Pinter’s name. This 1963 film version features mesmerising performances from
the original cast members, with sensitive direction from Clive Donner, in a study of shared illusion, dispossession and the fraternal bond of unspoken love.

While renovating his house in London, the quiet and reserved Aston (Robert Shaw) lodges a homeless man (Donald Pleasence) out of pity, but Aston’s brother Mick (Alan Bates) taunts and harasses the cranky old derelict.

Apparently, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Leslie Caron, Peter Hall, Peter Sellers, Harry Saltzman and Noël Coward were amongst those who helped provide financial backing for this extremely low budget production.

Released in some markets as The Guest.

Alan Bates
Mac Davies/Bernard Jenkins
Donald Pleasence
Robert Shaw

Clive Donner