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Carry On Doctor (1968)

Or “Nurse carries on again”. In this sequel to Carry On Nurse, Francis Bigger (Frankie Howerd) is a notorious charlatan who tours the country lecturing on mind over matter.

During one of his performances, he falls off the platform and is taken to the chaotic local hospital.


Matron (Hattie Jacques) romances supercilious Dr Tinkle (Kenneth Williams), Mr Roper (Sid James) smokes under the bedclothes, buxom nurse Sandra May (Barbara Windsor) pops out of her nurse’s uniform, and Frankie Howerd makes his series debut (pictured below).

The popular – though unfortunately named – Dr Kilmore (Jim Dale) is caught on the roof with Sandra May and the two are fired by evil duo Dr Tinkle and Matron. The film ends with the patients revolting (just like the script)

Sid James was genuinely bedridden for much of this production.


Dr Jim Kilmore
Jim Dale
Nurse Sandra May 

Barbara Windsor
Dr Kenneth Tinkle 

Kenneth Williams

Hattie Jacques
Francis Bigger 

Frankie Howerd
Charlie Roper 

Sidney James
Mr Barron 

Charles Hawtrey
Nurse Clarke

Anita Harris
Chloë Gibson 

Joan Sims
carryondoctor8Ken Biddle
Bernard Bresslaw
Mr Smith
Peter Butterworth
Sister Hoggett
June Jago
Sir Edmund Burke
Derek Francis
Mrs Roper
Dandy Nichols
Peter Jones
Mr Hardcastle
Deryck Guyler
Mrs. Barron
Gwendolyn Watts
Mavis Winkle
Dilys Laye
Peter Gilmore
Harry Locke
Marianne Stone
Mrs Smith
Jean St. Clair
Nurse Parkin
Valerie Van Ost
Julian Orchard
Miss Morris
Lucy Griffiths
Julian Holloway

Gerald Thomas