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Carry On Again, Doctor (1969)

Or “Where there’s a pill there’s a way”, or “The bowels are ringing”. . .

Carry On Again, Doctor was a quick resurrection of the popularity of Carry On Doctor (1968) that saw the final Carry On contribution from Jim Dale for over 20 years.

Dale is again the romantic lead as Dr James Nookie, chasing after the nurses of Long Hampton Hospital (and catching most of them) while his heart is stolen by delectable model, Goldie Locks (Barbara Windsor).

Hattie Jacques re-creates her Carry On landmark performance as Matron under the new guise of Miss Soaper, while Harry Locke returns to the fold for his third and final medical burst of innuendo.

Kenneth Williams pops up in his familiar guise as the supercilious doctor, although here he initially projects an air of good-humoured understanding as eminent senior surgeon, Frederick Carver.

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However, as with Tinkle in Carry On Doctor, it is a threat to his position and the prospect of financial assistance to establish his own medical clinic that leads to his intervention in Jim’s career.

Charles Hawtrey, in a semi-wicked partnership with Kenneth Williams, initiates the downfall of the rising star of Dr Nookie (Jim Dale).

Eventually, the combined efforts of Williams and Hawtrey see Jim shipped off to an exotic medical mission in the Beatific Isles, and the second half of the film opens out the hospital humour to include witchcraft gags, the Westernisation of Cockney native Gladstone Screwer (Sid James) and the comeuppance of the cold-hearted doctor of Williams.


Joan Sims, bubbling in the background as Mrs Ellen Moore – a beauty conscious millionaire who is treated by doctor Williams – joins forces with medical genius Dr Nookie to establish a weight-reducing establishment, thanks to Sid’s mystery mixture, called ‘The Moore-Nookie Clinic’ (geddit?!).

The ever-watchable Jim Dale stages drink induced threats and chats up Barbara Windsor throughout.

Jim gets to marry Barbara Windsor, Sid and Kenneth Williams become partners in the roaringly successful weight-reducing clinic and Charlie Hawtrey seems his usual blissful self.


Frederick Carver
Kenneth Williams
Dr Jim Nookie

Jim Dale
Gladstone Screwer

Sidney James
Matron Soaper

Hattie Jacques
Dr Ernest Stoppidge

Charles Hawtrey
Goldie Locks/Maud Boggins

Barbara Windsor
Mrs Ellen Moore

Joan Sims
Miss Fosdyke

Patsy Rowlands

Pat Coombs
Dr Henry

Peter Gilmore
Mrs Beasley

Patricia Hayes
Mr Pullen

Wilfred Bramble
Miss Armitage
Ann Lancaster
Lord Paragon
William Mervyn
Clinic nurse
Valerie Leon
Shakira Caine

Gerald Thomas