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Carry On Up The Khyber (1968)

In India, Private Jimmy Widdle is discovered wearing underpants under his kilt, shattering the myth of Scottish invincibility that has kept the natives in line.

The Khasi of Kalabar hears the news and tries to throw out the Brits.


The villainous Khasi plans a rebellion against the Governor, Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond, but the contents of Sir Sidney’s Highlanders’ kilts sees off the Khasi.

Lady Ruff-Diamond manages to capture on film the kilted Third Foot and Mouth regiment in a most revealing situation.

Where would we be without the Carry On series?

Cranked out at a rate that would make today’s Bollywood factory double-take, the Carry On films managed to distil British lavatorial humour into the cinematic equivalent of fine wine.

Carry on up the Khyber used Snowdonia to stand in for India and made do with the costumes left over from the recently-completed Zulu (1964). Classy stuff.


Pvt Jimmy Widdle
Charles Hawtrey
Khasi of Kalabar

Kenneth Williams
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond

Sidney James
Captain Keene

Roy Castle
Lady Ruff-Diamond

Joan Sims
Bungdit Din

Bernard Bresslaw
Brother Belcher

Peter Butterworth
Sgt Mjr McNutt

Terry Scott
Princess Jelhi

Angela Douglas

Cardew Robinson
Major Shorthouse

Julian Holloway
No.1 Wife

Wanda Ventham,
Pvt Ginger Hale

Peter Gilmore
Khasi’s Wife

Alexandra Dane