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Casino Royale (1967)

Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale retained nothing but its title in this free-for-all spoof of the successful James Bond industry.

Though the book was the first of the Bond thrillers to appear in print, the film chose to feature 007 as an ageing agent who comes out of retirement when asked to help curtail the deadly activities of SMERSH.


SMERSH have begun to sabotage global stability and no less than eleven agents have been lost.

“M” (John Huston) and the heads of the CIA and KGB have one alternative left to them assist them; the legendary secret agent Sir James Bond (David Niven). After the death of “M”, Bond is lured out of retirement to re-establish himself as the world’s greatest spy. Bond is given command of MI6 and finds himself pitched against SMERSH’s arch-villain Le Chiffre (Orson Welles).

Bond launches his brilliant plan to confuse the enemy by employing several agents – all of them named James Bond. He instructs Evelyn Tremble (Peter Sellers), an incompetent author on card games, to enter Casino Royale and engage in a showdown against master card player and adversary, Le Chiffre.

After more witless vignettes – some funny, others tedious – Bond finally learns that the real villain is none other than sex-obsessed Dr Noah – who turns out to be Bond’s own inept nephew, Jimmy (Woody Allen, pictured at left).


Jimmy’s plan for world domination involves making all women beautiful and annihilating all men taller than four-foot-six!

Frankly, the film was a self-indulgent mess – an inferior Monty Python sketch stretched way beyond its limits. It featured a record number of loopy spy film clichés skewering the James Bond mythos – all wrapped up in candy-coloured, ‘swinging-sixties’ psychedelic wrapping.

A Sixties who’s who of old-and-new hip stars appeared in the movie, including Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, David Niven, Woody Allen, Deborah Kerr, Orson Welles, William Holden, John Huston and too many others to mention.

The film also boasted almost as many directors as cast members.

Burt Bacharach provided arguably his loveliest score ever, highlighted by Dusty Springfield‘s heavenly The Look of Love.


Evelyn Tremble (James Bond-007)
Peter Sellers
Vesper Lynd

Ursula Andress
Sir James Bond

David Niven
Le Chiffre

Orson Welles
Mata Bond

Joanna Pettet
The Detainer

Daliah Lavi
Jimmy Bond (Dr Noah)

Woody Allen
Agent Mimi

Deborah Kerr

William Holden

Charles Boyer

John Huston
French Legionnaire

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Barbara Bouchet
Miss Goodthighs

Jacqueline Bisset

Derek Nimmo

Ronnie Corbett
Capt Carlton Towers FO

Bernard Cribbins

Geoffrey Bayldon
John Huston
British Army Officer

Richard Wattis
M’s Driver

John Le Mesurier

Stirling Moss

Peter O’Toole

John Huston
Kenneth Hughes
Robert Parrish
Val Guest
Joseph McGrath