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Chastity (1969)

Written, produced and financed independently for $300,000 by Sonny Bono, Chastity starred his wife, Cher, in her first starring movie role as an independent but lonely young girl hitchhiking around the US in the hope of finding “the real me” and forgetting her disturbing past.

She finds love with a guy called Eddie (Steve Whittaker) but runs away when she feels the relationship is getting too serious.

Winding up in Mexico, she begins working at a whorehouse where she befriends the strange lesbian owner, Diana Midnight (Barbara London). Chastity views Diana as a mother figure, but Diana has different feelings for Chastity.

Eventually realising this is not the life for her, Chastity decides to return to Eddie and try to start a new normal life.

The film was made on location in Phoenix and features music and songs by Powder.

Let’s just say Sonny and Cher were better at making records than they were at making movies, and leave it at that.

Diana Midnight
Barbara London
Eddie (Andre)
Steve Whittaker
Tom Nolan
Danny Zapien
First Truck Driver
Elmer Valentine
Burke Rhind
Richard Armstrong
Master of Ceremonies
Joe Light
Lady In Church
Dolly Hunt
Second Truck Driver
Jason Clark

Alessio de Paola