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Chelsea Girls (1966)

chelseagirls1This was the first Andy Warhol film to emerge from the underground and play at art houses.

The original version comprised two films projected side by side, with a combined running time of three-and-a-half hours.chelseagirls3

The version premiered in London in 1968, which still turns up occasionally, is one film lasting two hours.

It consists of 12 virtually unedited takes in which such Warhol regulars as Nico, Ingrid Superstar and International chelseagirls5Velvet improvise dialogue in rooms at New York’s Chelsea Hotel.

Many are boring or inaudible, but some of them are real shockers – like the “confession” scene in which “Pope” Ondine, presumably off his head on some drug or other, becomes chelseagirls8genuinely violent, smacking Nico round the face and ranting uncontrollably.

‘Pope’ Ondine
Ingrid Superstar
Angelica ‘Pepper’ Davis
Edie Sedgwick
Albert René Ricard
Mary Woronov
Susan Bottomly
Brigid Polk
Ed Hood
Patrick Flemming
Mario Montez
Gerard Malanga
Marie Menken
Eric Emerson
Arthur Loeb
Donald Lyons
Dorothy Dean
Randy Borscheidt

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