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Children of the Damned (1964)

When scientists discover six highly intelligent children with destructive powers in different parts of the world, there is disagreement on how to deal with the potential threat they pose.

In this less-than-thrilling sequel to Village of the Damned (1960), the six children of assorted nationalities with deadly telepathic powers and intellects vastly superior to any adult genius escape from their respective London embassies.

Guided by the strange force that unites them, the children meet for the first time and make their home in a deserted church. The English boy, Paul (Clive Powell) uses a form of hypnosis on his young aunt (Barbara Ferris) to make her join them as their housekeeper and spokesperson.

Vain attempts are made by scientists, government representatives and their own ambassadors to make them leave, sometimes resulting in horrible deaths caused by the children in self-defence. Outside the church, arguments rage at the highest levels as to how to deal with them.

The kids demonstrate their lethal gifts against the armed forces who are trying to destroy them, in the name of world security.

However, despite a literate script (based on John Wyndham’s novel The Midwich Cuckoos) and thoughtful direction by Anton M Leader, the film has nowhere to go and quickly runs out of steam.

Colonel Tom Lewellin
Ian Hendry
Dr David Neville
Alan Badel
Susan Eliot
Barbara Ferris
Colin Webster
Alfred Burke
Diana Looran
Sheila Allen
Clive Powell
Frank Summerscales
Mahdu Mathen
Aga Nagalo
Gerald Delsol
Roberta Rex
Franchesca Lee
Harold Goldblatt

Anton M Leader