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Clambake (1967)

Scott Heyward (Elvis Presley), an heir to millions, switches places with a Miami Beach water-ski instructor to learn about everyday life.

He must now compete with a wealthy playboy (Bill Bixby) to attract beautiful co-ed, Dianne Carter (Shelley Fabares).

Presley’s 25th film – a reworking of The Prince and the Pauper – looks like it cost next to nothing, and probably did. It features a perfunctory performance from the King, who actually has less screen time than his co-star Will Hutchins.

The colour is garish, the widescreen process is the cheapest Techniscope, the few decent actors (Gary Merrill, James Gregory) are clearly just going through the motions, the back projection looks phoney and the songs – with the exception of You Don’t Know Me – are below par.

Watch for Oh, Boy!‘s ace producer Jack Good in a supporting role.


Scott Heyward
Elvis Presley
Dianne Carter
Shelley Fabares
Tom Wilson
Will Hutchins
James Jamison III
Bill Bixby
Sam Burton
Gary Merrill
Duster Heyward
James Gregory
Amanda Harley
Suzie Kaye
Angelique Pettyjohn
Jack Good

Arthur Nadel