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Color Me Blood Red (1965)

Artist Adam Sorg (Gordon Oas-Heim) lives with his girlfriend Gigi (Elyn Warner) in a beach house in Florida.

At an exhibition of Sorg’s work, a critic named Gregorovich (William Harris) dismisses his painting, opining that his use of colour is poor. Gallery owner Farnsworth (Scott H Hall) agrees with Gregorovic.

Insulted, Sorg sets out to paint a masterpiece.

When Gigi pricks her finger on a nail and bleeds over his canvas, Sorg believes he has found the missing ingredient – the colour of blood is perfect.

Once finished Sorg presents the painting to Farnsworth and Gregorovich who both hail it as his best work ever. Sorg revels in the praise and sets out to create another painting to prove it wasn’t just a one-off.

But he soon realises he doesn’t have enough blood to provide all the red that he needs, so he is forced to look elsewhere for the perfect pigment.

Enter teenagers, April (Candi Conder) and her boyfriend Rolf (Jerome Eden) and their two friends Sydney (Patricia Lee) and Jack (Jim Jaekel) who have picnics on the beach beside Sorg’s house . . .

The acting is bad. The script is bad. The editing is bad. But, hey – it’s Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Adam Sorg
Gordon Oas-Heim (Don Joseph)
April Carter
Candi Conder
Elyn Warner
Patricia Lee
Jerome Eden
Scott H. Hall
Jim Jaekel
Mrs Carter
Iris Marshall
William Harris
Cathy Collins

Herschell Gordon Lewis