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Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968)

Though burnt for her sins three centuries earlier, the presence of the “black witch” is still felt in the village of Greymarsh.

When Robert Manning arrives there in search of his missing brother, he uncovers a series of sinister secrets that lead to a confrontation with evil.

Horror legend Boris Karloff makes one of his final screen appearances in this lacklustre offering about devil worship in an old dark house.

Not that Karloff cared much about quality, as he was enjoying the pleasure of being back in England, having taken a flat near Lord’s in order to be close to his adored cricket.

No cricketing consolation, though, for Christopher Lee. Barbara Steele co-stars as the 300-year-old witch – with make-up to prove it.

Released in some markets as The Crimson Cult.

Professor John Marsh
Boris Karloff 
J. D. Morley

Christopher Lee 
Robert Manning

Mark Eden 
Lavinia Morley

Barbara Steele 

Michael Gough 
Eve Morley

Virginia Wetherell 
The Vicar

Rupert Davies 

Rosemarie Reede 
Basil, The Chauffeur 

Michael Warren 
Peter Manning

Denys Peek

Derek Tansley 
Petrol Attendant

Ron Pember 

Nicholas Head

Vernon Sewell