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Danger Route (1967)

This espionage thriller from Amicus was made at the height of the sixties spy craze and featured Richard Johnson as British spy Jonas Wilde, who can kill with a single karate chop (and frequently does).

Jonas wants to retire but is told he can only resign if he completes one last mission. This mission involves killing a Czech defector who is in the custody of the Americans.

Jonas manages to complete his mission but then becomes aware that his superior has vanished and British agents are being murdered.

Carol Lynley plays Jocelyn, the beautiful and mysterious young woman that Jonas falls for, while Sylvia Syms has a rather mysterious part as Barbara Canning. At one point, Jonas poses as a brush salesman in order to seduce a housekeeper played by Diana Dors so he can get close to his target in a big house.

It’s no Harry Palmer film but Danger Route is a mildly interesting relic from the dusty vaults of Amicus Productions.

Jonas Wilde
Richard Johnson
Carol Lynley
Barbara Bouchet
Barbara Canning
Sylvia Syms
Brian Stern
Gordon Jackson
Rhoda Goodrich
Diana Dors
Peter Ravenspur
Maurice Denham
Sam Wanamaker
David Bauer
Robin Bailey
Harry Andrews
Julian Chagrin
Reg Lye
Timothy Bateson

Seth Holt