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Deadfall (1968)

Michael Caine plays recovered alcoholic cat burglar Henry Clarke, who finds himself enticed into the home of Fe Moreau (Giovanna Ralli), where he discovers an unusual arrangement – apparently Fe Moreau would rather engage in a relationship with an ex-alcoholic than her multi-millionaire jewel-thief husband Richard (Eric Portman).

Richard is an out-of-the-closet homosexual, complete with a young Spanish stud (Carlos Pierre) as a plaything.


The staid home life heats up to a boil when the three misfits decide to steal jewels from rich Spanish playboy Salinas (David Buck).

The excessive Freudian psychodrama comes complete with a song from Shirley Bassey and some luscious guitar music over the robbery itself (courtesy of John Barry). Sadly, the film is far too convinced by its own superiority to provide any workaday thrills, and also fatally lacks a sense of humour.

Henry Clarke
Michael Caine
Fe Moreau
Giovanna Ralli
Richard Moreau
Eric Portman
David Buck
Carlos Pierre
Leonard Rossiter
Inspector Ballastero
Emilio Rodriguez

Bryan Forbes