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Deadly Bees, The (1966)

Vicki Robbins (Suzanna Leigh) is a pop singer who is suffering from exhaustion and collapses while performing a song on television. She is packed off to a cottage on Seagull Island for rest and recuperation.

At the cottage, she stays with a rather grumpy couple named Ralph and Mary Hargrove (Guy Doleman and Catherine Finn). Ralph is a beekeeper – as is the nearest neighbour Manfred (Frank Finlay).

When a spate of killer bee attacks occur in the area, Vicki turns sleuth to discover who is responsible.

The Deadly Bees is one of the cheapest looking of the Amicus horror films. The story takes far too long to go anywhere too and the bee attacks are few and far between.

The film features rock group The Birds, featuring a young Ronnie Wood on guitar.

Vicki Robbins
Suzanna Leigh
H.W. Manfred
Frank Finlay
Ralph Hargrove 
Guy Doleman
Mary Hargrove
Catherine Finn
John Harvey
David Hawkins
Michael Ripper
Tim Barrett
James Cossins
Frank Forsyth
Doris Hawkins
Katy Wild
Greta Farrer
Gina Gianelli
Dr George Lang
Michael Gwynn

Freddie Francis