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Defector, The (1966)

Montgomery Cliff (in his last role) plays James Bower, an American physicist visiting West Germany who’s recruited by a shady CIA agent, played by Roddy McDowall, to help with the defection of a Russian scientist.

Clift passed away less than three months after this film was completed.

Prof. James Bower
Montgomery Clift
Counselor Peter Heinzmann
Hardy Krüger
Agent Adams
Roddy McDowall
Frieda Hoffmann
Macha Méril
David Opatoshu
Ingrid Weiß
Christine Delaroche
Dr. Saltzer
Hannes Messemer
Major Windisch
Karl Lieffen
Mädchen unter der Dusche
Uta Levka
Fluchthelfer Franz Ritter
Eduard Linkers
Rolf Zacher

Raoul Lévy