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Dentist in the Chair (1960)

Two dental students get involved in a series of misadventures when they buy some stolen dental equipment from a petty thief and enlist the niece of the college dean to help them get rid of it.

Bob Monkhouse co-wrote and stars in this unremarkable little comedy. If the flimsy plot about stolen instruments at a dental training school isn’t bad enough, the ghastly gags will set your teeth on edge.

Numbing the pain, however, are the willing performances of Monkhouse and Kenneth Connor, and typically sound comic support from Eric Barker.

A far cry from the Doctor films on which it’s obviously modelled, it’s a sight better than its awful sequel, Dentist on the Job (1961).

David Cookson
Bob Monkhouse
Peggy Travers
Peggy Cummins
Sam Field
Kenneth Connor
The Dean
Eric Barker
Brian Dexter
Ronnie Stevens
Vincent Ball
Eleanor Summerfield
Mr Watling
Reginald Beckwith
Inspector Richardson
Stuart Saunders
Ian Wallace
Miss Brent
Peggy Simpson
Jean St Clair

Don Chaffey