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Dentist On The Job (1961)

dentistonjobA year after cutting his teeth on Dentist in the Chair (1960), Bob Monkhouse returned in this disappointing sequel.

Colonel Proudfoot of Proudfoot Industries tries to entice a couple of newly qualified dentists (including Monkhouse) to advertise Dreem – a revolutionary type of toothpaste.

But he knows that if the dentists learn they are part of an advertising campaign, they will be struck off and the campaign will be a disaster.

Released in the US as Get On With It!

David Cookson
Bob Monkhouse
Sam Field

Kenneth Connor dentistonthejob
Brian Dexter

Ronnie Stevens 
Jill Venner

Shirley Eaton
Colonel J.J. Proudfoot/Dean

Eric Barker 

Reginald Beckwith 

Richard Wattis 
Roper (Pharmacist)

Charles Hawtrey 
Professor Lovittdentistjob
Jeremy Hawk
Mrs Burke
Charlotte Mitchell
Admiral Southbound

David Horne
Ian Whittaker

C M Pennington-Richards